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You Need To See This Market Update

This is everything you need to know about our local market.

Today’s market is constantly changing. One of the things that we have noticed in the last few weeks is how much activity we have out there. In our office, we’ve listed about five properties in the last week or so. We’ve found that we’re seeing multiple showings on the first and second days and getting in one to three offers fairly quickly right after listing. We’re short on listings, and we would love to come out and give you a market analysis and tell you what that looks like.

Even with the news saying that prices will fall, we haven’t experienced that. We continue to see some appreciation, not as strong as during the pandemic, but appreciation nonetheless. Our inventory count has not been growing since last fall, and in many ways, it’s been dropping slightly in that regard.

“We’re seeing multiple showings on the first and second days.”

If you’re a seller, you might think, “Hey, I have this low interest rate. Why would I want to get rid of this?” That’s a good thing to think about and look at, but if your lifestyle needs a change in housing, we would be happy to help and talk through your lifestyle needs. 

We are in the spring market, and what we are seeing is multiple offers, a lot of activity, and strong offers. When you look at the list price, we’re pushing the list price a little higher to net the most money.

Remember, if you have any questions about the state of the market or real estate in general, please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email. I would love to be your resource for all of your real estate needs.

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Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $125K in Union Park, Des Moines, IA.

Tim was always up front and professional. He did what we thought would be impossible and got our house sold within our deadline and on our terms. He is very knowledgeable and makes good use of his resources. He is not just a real estate salesman but a marketing specialist.