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Q: What Do Rural Real Estate Buyers Need to Know?

Our agent Dani knows about acreage; here are her buying tips.

Dani Yegge, one of our newer agents, has owned horses for about 10 years. She’s in the process of building a barn house, and the two horses she has at her current property will soon be joining her there. Her passion for these animals naturally led her to a passion for understanding rural real estate, and today she’s sharing some of her insight.

What things should buyers look for when scoping out acreage? What are some of the differences to note when you’re looking at a bare piece of land versus a home with acreage?

Dani stresses the importance of checking out the survey, if the parcel has even had one yet; do you know where the lot lines are, and can it be subdivided (i.e., split so that multiple houses could be built on it, similar to how a developer would do it)? When it comes to how many houses per acre are allowed, Dani says it depends entirely on the county. Each county sets its own parameters.


     Land values throughout the metro are changing depending on location and usage.


In case you’re unfamiliar, a survey is simply when an engineer measures how many acres are within a parcel’s lot lines. For those considering building a home in a rural area, Dani also recommends a percolation test to determine the water absorption rate of the soil so that you know what kind of septic drain field you’re working with. Next, check your water lines; you may need to put in a well or cistern. Lastly, figure out whether electricity is on the lot and consider whether you’ll be able to have high-speed internet or need to use satellite.

Land values throughout the metro are changing depending on location and usage. For example, the hay price per acre in our area is $10,000 at the moment, but Dani cautions that those prices may be higher the closer you go to Des Moines.

Right now, we have a ton of clients looking for land, and it’s really hard to find. That’s because there’s a limited amount of it, and those who have it are usually farming it and don’t want to sell it off in small chunks.

If you have more questions about purchasing rural real estate, building your own home in a rural area, or land prices around our Des Moines area, reach out via phone or email. We’re always here to assistant you with whatever real estate needs you may have.

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