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How to prepare for an Open House!

So you’re getting ready to sell your house and making all the preparations to find a new home. There is a lot to think about: finding a new house, researching a new school for your kids, and preparing to move. It’s a big undertaking, but the process is much more manageable when you break it down into steps.

It all begins with selling your current house, and that means preparing for an open house for prospective buyers. It can be overwhelming to prepare for an open house, but you don’t need to bring undue stress on yourself. Here are some ways to get started:

How to prepare for an open house #1

Judge a book by its cover

Over time, we grow so accustomed to our homes and their idiosyncrasies that we stop seeing them objectively. Everything seems like it is as it should be because that’s the way it has always been. You might find that old weathervane endearing or maybe you have a special spot in your heart for the huge unruly bushes by your front door.

But not everyone will share your tastes, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Is your house welcoming? Does it look well maintained? Will your home appeal to a general audience? Try your best to scrutinize your house’s curb appeal as if you’ve never seen it before. Get a friend or family member to give you an assessment if you still aren’t sure.

How to prepare for an open house #2

Say goodbye

It’s natural to have some mixed feelings about leaving your home, so give yourself the time to process it. Try to concentrate on the exciting new chapter ahead of you instead of what you are leaving behind. Preparing yourself to leave mentally will facilitate your physical move. The memories will still be there, long after you’ve settled down into your new home.

Also, this is the time to remove any personal items from your house. This means taking down your picture frames, storing away the kids’ artwork on the fridge, and packing up your travel souvenirs. The goal is to showcase the house, not your life.

Prospective buyers will appreciate being able to picture their own possessions in the house. Remember to take down any special light fixtures or other features that you are planning on taking with you before you hold your open house.

How to prepare for an open house #3

Clean up your act

You know how important it is to display your house in the best way possible, and that means it has to be squeaky clean. You wouldn’t want to walk into a potential new home and see dirt and grime everywhere, and neither do your prospective buyers.

Making sure you’ve dusted and vacuumed is just the first step to preparing for an open house. Getting rid of clutter now will also save you trouble when it comes time to move. Don’t forget the details: line up shoes and straighten clothes in your closets, neatly stack dishes and silverware, and organize your medicine cabinet. Home-seekers will notice the added care, and it will reflect positively on both you and your house.


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How To Prepare for an Open House

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